Friday, July 5, 2013

Casting Cane for Fun

I have to say a special "Thanks" to my friend, Jimmy Chang, for sharing some of his cane rods with me recently.  A professional photographer, Jimmy is also a cane rod builder.  His favorite fly fishing activities are throwing small dries to trout and swinging flies on a two-hander for steelies.  He builds rods for these activities and everyhting in-between
I recently invited Jimmy down to the Rockwell Club to photograph some bug sampling in the steam and then fish some of his light-line rods.  I opted for a 7'9" 5-wt.  while he fished a 7'6" 3-wt.  His rods have hollow-butt construction which reduces weight noticably.  The actions are crisp and workmanship is flawless.
As you can see, the trout were cooperative, taking an assortment of terrestrial and midge patterns.  Hey Jimmy- thanks again for a great rod and the great photos, too!

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