Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Guidewater Waders Available!

The highly anticipated Guidewater wader from Patagonia is ready to go! The ad featuring these waders have shown up in the latest issue of a number of publications. With a Merino wool grid lining the inside of the bootie, these provide an extra level of comfort not found with any other stocking foot wader. The uppers are super durable, very abrasion and puncture resistant, but still extremely breathable. Backed by Patagonia's Ironclad guarantee, the Guidewater waders are a real winner.

Dog Friends, Jeff Liskay and Will Turek, both got a chance to use the Guidewater waders this Fall with very positive results. Jeff is now a full-fledged Patagonia Fishing Ambassador and will be helping the fishing design team make the best products possible.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Cold Weather Float

With a brief opening in the weather window, dog friends, Jeff Liskay, John Rhoades, and JD managed a float for steelhead on Ohio's Grand River. A Freedom Hawk 14 kayak, was part of the flotilla and proved to be a great boat for the job. Jeff is also a Patagonia fishing product ambassador, and is well-dressed for the conditions. Steelhead won't eat streamers if the water is below 40 degrees- right? Wrong! A number of fish were hooked this day swinging streamers on 2-Hand rods despite water temps that never got above 34.

This SST Keeps On Rockin'

Dog friend, John Rhoades, has hundreds of "on water days" with his vintage Patagonia SST jacket. Here it shows some holiday decoration and the retirees from a day spent swinging streamers for Ohio steelhead.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

It's Ice Time!

As normal winter temperatures close in, the shale cliffs of Lake Erie's south shore tributaries develop some very picturesque ice formations. These come from extended periods of freezing and thawing of lake-effect snows and also natural springs and seeps in the cliffsides. Just make sure you are not on that side of the river when these formations melt enough to drop off!

The New Ice Man?

Dog friend, Ken Buetel, works a cliff side ledge on Conneaut Creek. Cold weather froze the spring that normally cascades over this cliff. Maybe time for the ice spikes instead?