Thursday, August 14, 2008

In the Eye of the Media

JD has been visible in a variety of media recently. First of all, he has had several articles published in recent issues of Eastern Fly Fishing Magazine. JD and dog friends Steve Madewell and Jeff Liskay introduced Frank Smethurst of Trout Unlimited's On The Rise TV show to the joy and pain of Ohio steelhead fishing. Finally, JD had a short story included in the book "Friends On The Water" published by Val Atkinson.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Northwoods Solitude

Here is a view of Michgan's Wakely Lake from the cockpit of the Freedom Hawk 14 Kayak. Wakely is one of the top warmwater lakes in Michagan with special catch and release regulations and a limited season. It is a short hike off Rt. 72 about 10 miles east of Grayling.

The leaning post and moveable stabilizing pontoons on the Freedom Hawk 14 make it a pleasure to fish waters like Wakely Lake.
Note the Great Divider keeping all the gear high and dry.

Flies On the Big River

Mark Southard of Forward Cast Fly Shop in Louisville, KY, enjoys an evening session on the Ohio River below Markland Dam. Common catches here include smallmouth bass, white bass, wipers, stripers, largemouth bass and sauger. This type of water is wide open top exploration by fly anglers and represents one of fly fishing's final frontiers. It is a perfect example of the "Dream Global, Fish Local" philosophy.

Wounded Road Warrior

JD's 2003 Element took a hit last week and was temporarily out of commission. A piece of 2x4 was kicked back by a car and hit the windshield while travelling at 70 mph. Thank God for safety glass! The Dog Mobile was out of action for a day, but is road ready again!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Freedom Hawk 14


Jerry Darkes and the Fishdog sneak out for a couple hours fishing in the ultimate warm water fish hunting machine! Finally, a fishing kayak that is stable enough you can actually stand up in and fish. Check out the lean bar and outrigger type stabilizer pontoons on the back. They are easily deployed with handles that can be activated from a sitting position. For more info on the Freedom Hawk 14 click here.

Also, notice in the photo a couple other key warm water fishing accessories. Scott Fly Rod's 8' warm water rods (6, 8, and 10wt) make manuevering a fish to the boat easier. And Patagonia's Sunshade Shirt, PFD vest and paddling pants make fishing from a kayak especially comfortable and safe.

Muchos Gracias to D'Arcy Egan,, for the photo!

Dream Global, Fish LOCAL

The grass is always greener on the other side... or is it? Often we are so busy planning our next trip out of state or out of the country to some exotic location we overlook the riches of our own backyard.

In the midwest this is particularly true of the warm water fishing opportunities that abound right out our backdoors. Often give short shrift, largemouth and smallmouth bass, pike, muskie, walleye, panfish, wipers, stripers, carp, gar, freshwater drum all provide good sport and ample distraction with a fly rod.

Do yourself a favor. Next time you think about traveling half way around the world for another 8" trout, check out that farm pond or tributary river right out your back door. You just might be surprised to like what you find.

Will at LBC.jpg

Dog friend and Spey Casting guru Will Turek set down the two-hander long enough to float Ohio's Little Beaver Creek. In spite of the high water, this big river smallie, with a number of smaller fish, was caught during the day's outing.


Dog friend George Ayres with a nice bass taken on the Detroit River in Michigan. George and Jerry Darkes spent a great day fishing some with dog friend and Scott Fly Rod pro-staff member Capt. Brian Meszaros.


Different day... same great fishing. Chad Miller with a nice White Bass on the Detroit River in Michigan during another sucessful outing with Capt. B.

For more motor city fly fishing, check out Capt. Brian's website at

Warm Water Tube Flies? You Betcha

Maybe the next fly tying CRAZE? These river smallmouth hit tube fly patterns tied on Eumer Pro Fishing Accessories tube fly tubes and fly tying materials.

Made in Finland, Eumer products are the craze "across the pond". They have just recently become available in the U.S. and are currently represented by ACS in the Midwest.


This big smallie smashed a traditional Scandanavian tube fly pattern.

tube bass.jpg

Another nice fish taken on a crayfish pattern tied on a Eumer Tube. (Thanks to Will Turek for the pic!)