Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Big Bugs Are Here!

The emergence of the big Hexagenia mayflies signal the high point of trout fishing across much of the upper Midwest and is a much anticipated event. These bugs range in size from a #6 to #2 and when they are on the water may bring out the biggest trout in the stream to feed on the surface. This is a late evening into dark occurence. Anglers get into position around an hour before dark and wait for the Hexes to apppear. If they show up and fish feed, all is good. However, this is all unpredictable and you may not get bugs at all or the bugs may show, but the fish may not feed on top.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Reelly Good Stuff!

Here is the line up of tools on Capt. Brian Mezaros' 22 foot Scout Bay boat. For smallmouth, Capt. B fishes Scott 9foot, 7-wt. X2S rods with Nautilus CCF #8 reels that are loaded with Scientific Anglers 250 grain Streamer Express lines. For toothy critters, 9 foot 10-wt. X2S rods, CCF #10 reels, and 400 grain Streamer Express lines get the nod.

Maga Bronzeback

So what does a guide do on his day off? Well, he usually goes fishing. JD joined Scott Fly Rod Pro Capt. Brian Mezaros of Great Lakes Fly Fishing for a windy, rainy day on Lake St. Clair. Capt Brian stuck this monster smallmouth bass, that taped out over 22 inches long and around 61/2 pounds pounds on the boga grip. Other smallies, largemouth, rock bass and a bowfin added to the days assortment. Two muskies followed to the boat, but no takers.

Monday, June 15, 2009

The Look Says It All

The Fishdog questions JD's strategy for chasing smallmouth at Presque Isle.

Smallies Galore!

Here is one of a number of smallmouth bass that were eager to chase flies at PA's Presque Isle State Park. Team Fishdog found a group of fish busting up pods of emerald shiners in 3 to 4 feet of water. White & chartreuse streamers worked with a fast strip attracted hungry post-spawn smallmouth as well as crayfish patterns.

Kayaking On The Bay

JD and The Fishdog took a couple hours recently to criuse around Lake Erie's Presque Isle Bay on a Freedom Hawk 14 Kayak. Here is the boat ready to fish with The Fishdog in the bow keeping watch.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Mr. Whiskers!

While not considered a normal fly rod target, channel catfish will hit flies on a regular basis. Channel cats are not scavengers and actually prefer live prey. They hit hard and put up a strong fight when hooked. This fish hit a tube crayfish pattern that was being fished in a local farm pond.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

A Different Kind of Breakfast Food

Here's a new way to get that daily dose of Omega 3's. Not your usual early fare, fresh brook trout with potato cakes and eggs made a special breakfast one morning. Most of Ontario's brookie waters have numbers of fish that allow reasonable harvest, so no guilt in enjoying a smaller fish or two.

Personal Best!

Brook trout are the name of the game at Kwagama. They are the only fish present in the lake and several others in the area. With a little help from camp owner Pat Henry, JD was able to get his best ever wild brookie. This fish measured at 18" before release and hit a brown stonebugger fished along a dropoff into 20 feet of water on an intermediate line.

Camp Dog

We love dogs and every good camp has a Camp Dog. Here is Nellie the official greeter and fisherman finder from Kwagama Lake Lodge. A 5-year-old Lewellan Pointer, Nellie loves to chase partridge, go for boat rides, and get her head scratched. She is also good at locating napping anglers who miss their scheduled pick-up time along a logging rod.

A Ride Back in Time

JD and Dog Friends Buck Juhasz and George Ayres are just back from chasing brook trout in the Agawa Canyon region of Ontario. They rode the Algoma Central Railroad from Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario to a drop-off point for Kwagama Lake Lodge. The train started operation in 1899 and carries passengers, baggage and freight from The Soo to Hearst, Ontario, a 296 mile one way trip. Most of the cottages and lodges are accessible only by train or air. There are several scheduled stops, but the train will stop anywhere along the line to drop riders. It also possible to flag down the train anywhere along the track to be picked up.