Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Steelhead Candy

I'm an admitted steelhead addict and fly tying junkie and am always on the lookout for new materials to work with. At the recent Fly Fishing Retailer Show I came across RealFlyColor Beads and NymphHead Beads from the Flymen Fishing Company. These products really floored me. I am a real believer in color change and contrast when fishing steelhead. Based on these concepts, I tied up a series of attractor nymphs from the various colors of beads they have. Initial results have been very positive. With names like Tangerine, Black Licorice, Blueberry and others, these flies truly are steelhead candy.

Spey Day

Spey casting specialist, Jeff Liskay, forms a D loop as he finishes up a Snap T cast on Ohio's Grand River. Jeff is also a Patagonia Fishing Ambassador and tests new product for the company during his 150 plus days on a river somewhere chasing steelhead. On this day, Jeff and JD were tuning up some rods with Scientific Anglers Skagit, Compact Skagit, and Supra Skagit lines. Skagit casting is a recent development in the Spey world and is very applicable to many waters throughout the Great Lakes. It allows the angler to make long casts where needed and with minimal backcast space and turn over heavy sink tips and weighted flies.

To find out more about Skagit casting check out the DVD Skagit Master featuring Ed Ward. Will Turek of the Midwest Spey School is our local "skagit master".

Monday, October 26, 2009

Swinging Steelhead

Ohio Central Basin Steelheaders Club member, Dave Craddock, holds a chunky fish he caught on a swung fly during a Spey casting lesson with instructor, Jeff Liskay. Not a bad way to kickoff the Fall season!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Real Hard Heads

You see some unusual sites when you get off the beaten path. Here is the Wisconsin Concrete Park, just south of the town of Phillips. It consists of several acres of concrete figures of all kinds. Looks like someone had too much time on their hands.

A Dock on the Bay

Lake Superior's, Chequamegon Bay, is famous for its' smallmouth bass fishing, but all kind of angling opportunities abound close by. Nearby tributaries host runs of steelhead, salmon, and even some coaster brook trout. Inland, there are both trout and warmwater rivers along with countless lakes having plenty of fish.

Here is view looking from US Rt. 2 north past the breakwall to the Apostle Islands. Angler's All in Ashland is operated by Roger LePenter, who can dial you in to local fishing or set up a guide trip for you. You can reach Roger at 715-682-5754

Thursday, October 22, 2009

By the Shores of Gitchee Gumee

OK, I may not be Longfellow, but I have now paddled on Lake Superior. On my recent swing into Wisconsin I was able to try the new Freedom Hawk 12 Kayak on Chequamegon Bay just outside of Ashland.

Here is a shot of the boat loaded and ready to fish at the mouth of the Soiux River. Sorry no fish that day as wind drove me off just after I floated down to the lake.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Dog Tired

The Fish Dog chills out on her favorite resting spot after a hard day out. Aspen is getting to be an old-timer in dog years, but still has a lot of zip and is always ready to hit a river to chase smallmouth or steelhead, her favorite fish.

Muskegon River Speyfest- Take 2

Dec Hogan, a well-known Pacific NW steelhead guide and Echo Rod Company pro, gives a presentation at the Muskegon River Speyfest. Dec is author of the book A Passion for Steelhead and was the headline attraction at the Speyfest. Over 100 Spey-crazies from all over attended the event that was hosted by the Great Lakes Spey Shop.

Muskegon River Speyfest- Take 1

Dave Pinchkowski, our favorite cheesehead, drove down from Milwaukee to attend the recent Speyfest on the Muskegon River. Here he launches a cast while Echo Rod pro, Dec Hogan, looks on. As usual, Dave won the distance competition with a cast of about 120'.

Salmon on the Swing

It doesn't happen too often, but here is a MI salmon that hit a swung fly. JD was fishing a SA 350 gr. Streamer Express line matched up to his trusty Scott E2 959 and Nautilus CCF 10 reel- A great big fish outfit for anywhere.

Fall fishing is in full swing in western MI, with one of the best salmon runs in years. Loads of salmon are present in all the rivers, trout are feasting on eggs, and steelhead are starting to filter in.

Time for Kings!

The recent, much needed rains have fish on the move in all Great Lakes tributaries. Jeff Liskay shows a king salmon from MI's Pere Marquette River. An all-day rain had thousands of fish on the move upstream. Jeff and JD were hppy to interrupt a few fish on the way.

Streamers for Salmon

JD fishes a streamer for kings on the lower Pere Marquette River in Michigan. The Stealthcraft Sniper boat proved to be a great mode of transport to get into fishy water.