Saturday, July 28, 2012

It's "T" Time

July and August is "T" time on many trout streams around the U.S.  T is for Terrestrials. land-based insects like grasshoppers, crickets, ants, and beetles that fall into streams and are a special treat for trout.  Stream insects activity will be limited to early morning or right before dark.  Terrestrials will be most active on a hot, sunny day.
I'm just back from a swing through WI and was treated to an outstanding day of terrestrial fishing by Pete Cozad, head guide at The Driftless Angler in Viroqua.  Although the air temp was around 100, Pete took me to a small, meadow stream with a water temp of 60.  Hoppers were thick in the tall grass along the stream and a gusty wind kept a steady supply blowing into the water.  Trout were keyed to them and browns happily ate our hopper patterns all afternoon.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A Friend Lost

I am sad to report that my long-time friend Dick Fujita passed away recently.  At 86, Dick had many good years under his belt.  Dick was an avid fly angler, but his passion was casting.  He was a fly caster for over 70 years and cast competetively for many decades.  Dick was a member of the American Casting Association Hall of Fame and International Casting Hall of Fame.  Over the years, he won countless casting events and a number of championships.  He was always willing to help out less-skilled casters.
My favorite memory of Dick is from a sport show.  After one of the featured demos by a nationally-known angler/caster (who shall remain nameless), Dick asked to try out his 4-piece rod and proceeded to remove one section at a time and continue casting until he threw the entire line with just the tip section, leaving the pro openmouthed and speechless.  Dick's only comment as we walked away was, "He's too full of himself and was doing it wrong anyway." 
An engineer by trade, Dick worked well into his 70's before finally retiring.  Never one for the spotlight, few people in the Cleveland area ever knew of his accomplishments.   His suggestion to improve ones casting skills, "Join an FFF or ACA Club and practice."  Those of us who knew him will miss him.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

New Smallmouth DVD!!

Scott Fly Rod Pros Capt. Kevin Feenstra and Capt. Jon Ray have just announced the availabilty starting this Thursday, July 12, of their new fly fishing DVD, Big Bite- Small Mouth.  The DV D focuses on river smallmouth fishing and covers the use of streamers, topwater, and crayfish patterns.  I got to preview the DVD recently and it is all on-water action on a number of Michigan rivers.  Extra sections include fly tying and knot demos, plus a photo gallery and more.
Initially, the DVD can be purchased from either or  Check it out!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Hot Fishing in Hot Weather!

Scott Rod and SA Pro Capt. Jon Ray hoists a sizeable slab of bronze from a recent exploratory adventure into the wilds of mid-Michigan.  Despite the heat, river smallies have been very cooperative on the larger river systems.  Look for a soon-to-be-released DVD on river smallmouth fishing featuring Capt. Jon along with Capt. Kevin Feenstra.  Thanks Kevin for this pic.