Friday, October 17, 2008

Big River Smallie

Buck Juhasz lifts a hefty smallmouth hooked in Ohio's Grand River. At 16 plus inches this fish is an old-timer. The resident fish have slow growth rates and a fish this size is a trophy catch. The bass was released to fight another day.
Buck is well apointed in Patagonia Watermaster Waders and Meshmaster vest!

Grand River Autumn

Dog friend, Buck Juhasz, enjoying action on Ohio's Grand River. Warm October weather provided one last shot at smallmouth bass and he and JD found them in a cooperative mood.

Selecting Flies

Roboman McSpey gives basic sound advice on selecting flies to use. Use a bright color on a sunny day and a dark color on a cloudy day.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Pretty As A Picture

The colors of October are present in this beautiful specimen of a green sunfish caught in the Potomac River near Harper's Ferry, WV. JD and dog friend Bryan Kelly were rock hopping the shoreline after smallmouth when this colorful guy hit a surface bug. Bryan and Debbi Kelly operate The Angler's Inn B&B in Harper's Ferry. Bryan also guides on the Potomac and owns Kelly's White Fly Shop in Shepherdstown, WV.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Early Chrome

A big dog friend "woof" to Don Salvatore who nailed this wild Muskegon River chromer while stripping an olive Meat Wagon streamer. Don, Wael Dardir, Jeff Liskay, and JD were exploring the lower Muskegon on an R&R day after the Great Lakes Spey Fest. Don was throwing a Scott 7-wt. X2S with a SA 250 gr. Streamer Express Line.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Tubes Have Arrived!

These awesome looking tube flies were tied by dog friend Greg Senyo of Steelhead Alley Outfitters. Eumer materials were used to produce these patterns. The use of tube flies and the materials to tie them are fairly new to U.S. anglers, but have been around in Europe for a number of years.

Greg Senyo has been an Orvis Fly Tyer of the Year and offers a variety of guided trips throughout the Great Lakes area.
NOTE: The Bugger Best Box in the photo fits perfectly into Patagonia's Great Divider and Sub Divider Bags!

For more info on tube flies check out operated by dog friend Tony Pagliei.

WT At Work With The TH'er

Dog Friend Will Turek demonstrates Skagit Casting at the Great Lakes Spey Fest held at Henning Park on Michigan's Muskegon River. Over 100 people representing 7 states and 4 countires attended.

The Spey Fest was hosted by Great Lakes Fly Fishing Co. of Rockford, MI. Kudo's to head organizer Bob Braendle for all his hard work and may thanks to all who participated.

Spey Fest Refugee

Roboman McSpey was found homeless along the banks of Michigan's Muskegon River during the recent Great Lakes Spey Fest. He was mumbling incoherently about head lengths, grain weights, and poly leaders. Here he is in recovery and showing one of his favorite tube fly patterns. Stayed tuned for his ongoing angling adventures.