Friday, June 21, 2013

Sandwich Terrestrials

Nothing earth-shattering here, but I tied up this assortment of terrestrial patterns recently and they have proven effective fish catchers.  In addition, they are very durable and easy to make.

Glue together with a good spray adhesive a sheet of black 2mm closed-cell foam and a sheet of yellow or tan 2mm closed cell foam.  Cut into 1/4"-wide strips.  These can then be cut into various lengths as desired and tied on a hook with a thread base on the shank and secured with a touch of Super Glue.
Add rubber legs and you are good to go.  With the black side down you have a Sandwich Cricket.  Put the yellow side down and it is a Sandwich Hopper- a bit of orange yarn on top makes it easier to see on the water.
Cut the strips in half to a 1/8" width and you can then do the Sandwich Beetle.

These are all quick and simple and make a nice fish-attracting "plop" when they hit the water.

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