Friday, November 9, 2012

Swing dat Thing!

The rain that accompanied Hurricane Sandy served to flush out the tributaries of Lake Erie and Lake Ontario, getting rid of fallen leaves and bringing in good numbers of fresh steelhead.  With the still-modertate temperatures, the bite has been on all over.

Swinging flies continues to grow in popularity around the Great Lakes.  When conditions are right, it is the most enjoyable way to catch steelies.  More and more anglers are learning this technique which can be done with both single- and two-hand rods.  Flies can be both imitators of baitfish or general attractors depending on the situation.

Here is a nice Niagara River steelie I swung up on the Niagara River on Scott's new T3H 13'6" 7-wt. teamed up with a Scientific Anglers 560 gr. Skagit Extreme with 15 feet of T10 at the tip.  An Intruder-style emerald shiner streamer completed the rig.

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