Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Friends on the Water

It's been a crazy last couple years for anyone in the fly fishing biz.  Everyone- manufacturers, retailers, sales reps, and guides have been working double time to keep positive cash flow.  Once in a while we get to spend a day with close friends to just relax, talk a little shop, and just have fun.  A couple days ago I was able to link up with a couple of my favorite friends from north of the border.

April Vokey, everyone's favorite fly gal is in the area doing a series of classes and presentations and we were able to talk mutual friend and guide, Paul Castellano, to cross the Niagara River and spend a day chasing steelhead and browns from shore.  Fish were caught, but that really wasn't the most important part of the day.  The real enjoyment was for a trio of friends who rarely get a chance to see each other, catch up on life events, and have a few laughs together.

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