Sunday, May 2, 2010

Team Castapalooza

Here is the rogue's gallery of cast-addicts that helped make the first Northeast Ohio Castapalooza a succes. From left to right- top row: Jim Linehan, Wael Dardir, our Canadian buds- Neil Houlding and Julian Van Gorder. Bottom row- Jeff Liskay, the Fishdog, and JD.

Not pictured- Spey professor, Will Turek.

Thanks very much to all you guys for helping out and thanks to everyone who attended!

Next years event is tentively scheduled again for the last Saturday in April and there will be additional Castapalooza events throughout the region. The next one is June 12 on Presque Isle near Erie, PA. On August 28, we will be at Leeper Park in South Bend, IN, on the St. Joe River.

Thanks again to Jim Linehan for the photo.

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