Sunday, May 2, 2010

The Lakers Are In!

No, not the lakers from LA or the the ones that are trout (actually char!). These are lake-run smallmouth bass that ascend Lake Erie tributaries to spawn, and then drop back into the lake to grow big, fat, and fiesty. This little-known phenomenon occurs around the end of April and into the first week or two of May every year. There is often a short overlap with dropback steelhead and the opportunity to catch both on the same day.

These fish take a swung fly well, and provide some additional opportunity to fish switch and two-hand rods.

Photo courtesy of Jim Linehan


El Pescador said...

there's an interesting story here to explore. nice bronzeback photo.

Sonder said...

Awwe Yes good ole bronzebacks hmm hitting those in NY soon! I'm so glad those darn rainbows are gone!