Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Spey Day

Spey casting specialist, Jeff Liskay, forms a D loop as he finishes up a Snap T cast on Ohio's Grand River. Jeff is also a Patagonia Fishing Ambassador and tests new product for the company during his 150 plus days on a river somewhere chasing steelhead. On this day, Jeff and JD were tuning up some rods with Scientific Anglers Skagit, Compact Skagit, and Supra Skagit lines. Skagit casting is a recent development in the Spey world and is very applicable to many waters throughout the Great Lakes. It allows the angler to make long casts where needed and with minimal backcast space and turn over heavy sink tips and weighted flies.

To find out more about Skagit casting check out the DVD Skagit Master featuring Ed Ward. Will Turek of the Midwest Spey School is our local "skagit master".

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