Sunday, June 7, 2009

Personal Best!

Brook trout are the name of the game at Kwagama. They are the only fish present in the lake and several others in the area. With a little help from camp owner Pat Henry, JD was able to get his best ever wild brookie. This fish measured at 18" before release and hit a brown stonebugger fished along a dropoff into 20 feet of water on an intermediate line.


El Pescador said...

Interesting coloration. Seems quite a bit different than the brookies found here in Maine.

Am I correct that you are wearing the original Sunshade Shirt in the photo?

PowderSeeker said...

Nice work. I would have to agree with my friend El P, most of my bookies have come from either the Adirondacks or ME. Perhaps its the larger size...

Also it was El P who also pointed me in your direction. I am heading off to Kona soon and was looking for tips and or someone local to hook up with. SS recalled that you did that a couple years back. I can be reached at my id @ if you can. Thx.