Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Big Bugs Are Here!

The emergence of the big Hexagenia mayflies signal the high point of trout fishing across much of the upper Midwest and is a much anticipated event. These bugs range in size from a #6 to #2 and when they are on the water may bring out the biggest trout in the stream to feed on the surface. This is a late evening into dark occurence. Anglers get into position around an hour before dark and wait for the Hexes to apppear. If they show up and fish feed, all is good. However, this is all unpredictable and you may not get bugs at all or the bugs may show, but the fish may not feed on top.


Anonymous said...

The mental image of some doofus running around trying to catch bugs and get them to stay on the sticker is making me chuckle. Thanks Jerry.

Anonymous said...

Are those green drakes? I read somewhere they get a really big hatch of them in Ohio?

Troutdawg said...

Can't wait for more Bugs this way in CO, Drakes are here down south and the Salmonflies fluttered out a few weeks ago on the Co River~