Monday, December 22, 2008

Solid Chrome- Size XL!

Dog friend, Jeff Liskay, shows an oversized chromer- his largest Ohio fish this year. The big female hit the tape at 331/4" x 191/4" and scaled out just under 151/2 pounds before being released. The fish hit a swung tube fly of his own design.

A well-known angler, Jeff travels the Great Lakes region to feed his steelhead need and was recently appointed as a Patagonia Fishing ambassador.


Anonymous said...

Fine steelhead!
There isn't a steelhead angler out there who's more versatile than Jeff Liskay, or one who shares his steelhed-catching knowledge as readily.
Great photo, as well . . .

El Pescador said...

Nice when they hit on the swing. I'd like to see the pattern sometime. Congrats Jeff!