Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Perfect Wading Shoe?

As we all know, there is no wading shoe on the market that is perfect under all conditions. The Sticky Rubber version of Patagonia's Riverwalker Shoe comes pretty close. The sole on this shoe grips effectively on a very wide range of bottom substrates. It has has great lateral and front to back support along with solid heel and toe protection. It is the lightest "hard use" shoe on the market and made of materials that have little water absorbtion, so the addition of water weight is minimal. Great for long treks to your favorite steelhead holes when there is snow on the ground!

In totally gnarly conditions you can strap on a pair of Korker's sandals and minimize the "cinder block" shoe syndrome found with heavier wading shoes.

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El Pescador said...

The Riverwalker is still the most sound choice on the market in my opinion if you are looking for one shoe to do it all. Here's a post to more info and comments on this subject -