Saturday, September 6, 2008

MultiSpecies Fly Pattern

Here's another productive fly pattern from JD to try out! This one is called the Crawpin and can imitate a crawfish,sculpin, crab, mud minnow, or whatever. So far, it has tempted smallmouth bass, largemouth bass, brown trout, rainbow trout, rock bass, and even redfish when tied for saltwater use. Ya gotta love flies that can catch about anything that swims! Here's the basic recipe,in the original color. Adjust to your needs:

The Crawpin

Hook: Mustad C52S BLN, size #2
Tail: Tan or peach marabou with copper Flashabou
Body: Root beer Estaz
Legs: Two brown/black rubber hackles on each side, doubled over and tied down in front of the body
Wing: Dk. brown black barred rabbit strip. Push hook through the strip about an inch from the front end and tie down the strip over the barbell eyes
Head: Brown deer hair, flared over top of the eyes and trimmed
Eyes: Medium black nickle or lead barbell style

Add water and catch fish!