Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Work In Progress

Fly fishing for musky is growing very quickly.  Whether it be river or lake, more and more anglers are starting to chase this toothy predator.  September is a prime month for chasing musky with flies as the fish have started feeding heavily for the coming winter and prey species have reached their maximum size.  Flies this time of year can range from around 6 inches to 16 inches depending on your locale and the forage base of the waters you are fishing.  Here are several examples of flies used on my recent Michigan adventure. 
To give an idea of the size of the flies, the length of the box shown here is 14 inches.  The bottom fly is tied on a #2/0 hook, the top two on #5/0.  The flies need to have flash, movement, push water to make"noise" and help attract fish, but most of all need to castable.  A 9-wt or 10-wt. rod is the norm for extended periods of casting.  Favorite fly color varies by location, but black with a visible contrasting color is a good starting point.
I have settled on 80 pound flurocarbon as a bite tippet when specifically targeting musky. It is just easier to use than wire which requires more work to rig.

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