Saturday, April 14, 2012

A (Not So) Secret Pattern

Wanted to share this fly I call The Deep Creeper.  It is a variation of a pattern Russ Maddin showed my a few years ago.  In my short career musky fishing with flies, I have had more action on this fly- fish hooked, follows, etc., than any other and this has been the color combo.  Largemouth bass like it, too!
Hook:  Daiichi 2461 or Gamakatsu Weedless if you don't want to have to put on the weedguard yourself, size 3/0
Eyes:  Chartreuse barbell
Tail:  Black bucktail
Body:  Orange, then chartreuse Palmer Chenille
Wing:  Black magnum zonker, tied down at bend of hook then pulled over top of body and tied down to finish of the fly
Legs:  Orange & chartreuse rubber

Color combos are endless, find the one the works best for you!

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