Monday, December 19, 2011

A Different Intruder

Here are a few color variations of my new favorite pattern, The Niagara Intruder. I learned this fly from Canadian Niagara River guide, Paul Castellano a few weeks ago while spending a day on the water with him. We caught lakers, browns, and steelhead on this pattern, both stripping and swinging. The fly is quick to tie, durable, and will catch just about anything- perfect for guide work!

The Niagara Intruder

Thread: UTC 140

Hook Loop: 30 lb. braid or .018" nylon coated wire

Shank: Medium Flymen Articulated Shank or 3x-4x long hook

Eyes: Barbell-style

Hackle: Wrapped marabou

Wing: Rabbit strip with Mirror Flash or Krinkle Mirror Flash on top

Head: Estaz, Cactus Chenille, Sparkle Chenille

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