Monday, October 24, 2011

Remember The Titan!

Scientific Anglers new Textured Titan Taper line has proved to be one of the biggest surprises of new gear for the coming year. The line has proved itself to be extremely versatile. I have been using it as a multi-tip streamer line with great results. The 6-wt. Titan weighs in at 210 gr. I have been adding either 12 ft. of T-10 to get deeper or a 120 gr. clear, slow sink Spey tip to fish just below the surface. At a little over 300 gr., this set up casts well on an 8- or 9-wt. rod. The line itself is great to turn over indicators and shot. The Textured finish makes the line usable in a very wide range of temeperatures. Maximum versatility is the advantage of this line.

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Matt Bennett said...

Interesting idea. Would this be doable with a six weight rod at all?