Friday, September 16, 2011

A Variation on a Theme!

Here is a variation of my (not so)famous Meat Wagon streamer that I have been tying and fishing this summer. This version is a bit simpler and quicker to tie, and easier to cast on lighter rods as the sheep hair really reduces in size when wet. The result is less weight and air resistance, making it easier to cast, still great movement and life in the water. Give it a try!

MW II Streamer

Hook: Your choice, #4 - #4/0 (Daiichi 2546 and 2451 are my faves)

Tail/Wing: Icelandic Sheep, mix in Krinkle Mirror Flash (this stuff rocks!). A little bit of bucktail in front on top and bottom of hook (to keep sheep from fouling when cast).

Topping: Olive or black holographic Flashabou

Head: 3-4 wraps of Schlappen with Palmer Chenille in front

Eyes: 3D, glued on

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OutsmartingFish said...

I REALLY like the look of these bugs. They are very buggy. I've copied down the recipe and saved the pic. I'm going to have to give these a try. Thanks for sharing!