Monday, March 14, 2011

A Cold Day of "On Water" Testing

Got a chance to spend a cold day on the Muskegon with "The Flashmaster", Kevin Feenstra, and Tim Pommer, a product developer from Scientific Anglers. My feet were toasty warm in Patagonia's Rio Gallegos Waders with the wool-lined bootie while the other guys wore boot foots. I was fishing Scott Rod's newest two-hander, the 12'6", 7-wt. A3, a super casting and fishing tool. We used a new Spey line (not yet on the market) of Tim's design that is proving to be a real winner, as this nice steelie shows. The Nautilus CCF is the best all-weather reel on the market. The fish hit one of Kevin's winter favorites, his Grapefruit Leech pattern.

If all this smacks of blatant promotion, that's what it is. But, all of these products and people are among the best at what they do.

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