Sunday, January 30, 2011

It's Tyin' Time Again

Mid-winter is prime time for fly tying. There are tying expo's and shows all across the country that allow us to share our skills, get idea's from other tiers, buy materials, and work on filling our fly boxes.

One of the newer item's on the market is The Fish Skull from Flymen Fishing Company. These weighted heads are added to the fly after it is tied and then secured in position. They provide extra flash, weight, and swimming motion to the fly. Fish Skull are available in 4 sizesfor hooks #8 to #4/0 and 7 colors. They give a realistic baitfish profile and work as a built-in keel as 70% of the weight is below the hook shank.

Fish Skulls are 100% designed and manufactired in the United States!!

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