Thursday, December 30, 2010

Easy to Tie and Fish

Here is the Lucky Leech tube fly, a true guide pattern. Quick and easy to tie, you can't really fish it wrong, and will catch pretty much anything depending on the color. Here is the recipe:

Tube: Inch and half length of Eumer small tubing, heated on both ends.

Wing: Rabbit strip 3"-5" long in your favorite color, mix in some of your favorite flash material- mine is CascadeCrest Krinkle Mirror Flash.\

Head: Optional- I like to put in a few wraps of Schlappen and add a clump of Ice Dub

As you can see, color combinations are endless.

For swinging, I put the hook in a tippet loop and anchor the knot inside the tube. For stripping add a junction tube and seat the hook.

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