Monday, June 21, 2010

Scott Rod Custom "Kayak Special"

Scott Fly Rods has had their Custom Shop open for around 6 months now with great success. This allows and individul to go online, select a rod model, and then customize it for their personal specifications. As you follow the steps, you can see the rod being built until the final product is assembled. The customer can then forward the info to a Scott Custom Shop Dealer to have the rod built.

Dealers can also have a specific model built to their specs. Here is a rod I had built through Scott Custom Shop I call the Kayak Special. It is done, on the A3 8 foot, 8-wt. platform but has the components off the S4S saltwater rods. This rod loads quickly for short-range accuracy, but still has the ability to push out longer casts when needed. Plus, it effectively fights fish at close quarters.

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