Monday, December 14, 2009

Gearing Up for Winter Fishing

Patagonia's Sticky Rubber Shoe was one of the original rubber-bottom wading shoes and still has to be ranked as one of the best all-around wading shoes available. I finally wore my original pair out after almost three years of heavy use. This shoe is extremely lightweight, a pair of them weigh about the same as one of most other rubber-bottom wading shoes on the market. The Sticky Rubber shoe is super comfortable, has great foot protection and support, drains rapidly and picks up minimal water weight. It works well on most regular stream bottoms and will not pick up snow in the winter.

To give added traction on ice and flat, slimy rock, I have added a series of 3/8" sheet metal screws into the raised "star" portion of the tred. Nothing is worse than taking a spill during cold weather (I am speaking from experience here!). This little trick only takes a few minutes and a few dollars and can help keep you high and dry.

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El Pescador said...

I couldn't agree more JD. I was fishing yesterday on the Mousam here in Maine with Sticky Riverwalkers without studs and the boots provided secure footing. Adding screws makes them grip even better and the 360 degree star tread pattern provides grip without snow or mud pick up unlike some of the other nubby rubber sole patterns.