Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Bluegrass Bronzebacks

While working my way through Kentucky, Dick Haas of Foward Cast Fly Shop in Louisville, was kind enough to show one of his favorite creeks not too far from town. The water still had not come down completley from the deluge of rain in the area the week before. Despite the high water we caught a few fish and had a fun afternoon. We just beat another big rain back to the car after finishing fishing.

I threw a pattern of mine I had not fished in a while I call the Crawpin (Crawfish/Sculpin). Here's the recipe:

Hook: shortshank, widegap- size #1 or #Tail: A short piece of marabou
Back/Wing: Zonker strip extending 2"-3" past hook. un the hook point through the strip about an inch back and then tie down in front.
Body: Estaz with a pair of rubber legs on each side in front.
Head: Barbell eyes so hook rides upright, with a clump of deerhair over top. Trim the hair flat.

This day I fished brown. Olive, tan, and black are also good colors and OK to mix 'em up too.

A saltwater version of this is the Crimp (Crab/Shrimp) and works well for bonefish and redfish. Just go to a stainless hook, mix in a little pink or orange and you are in business! I love those multipurpose, multispecies patterns!

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