Monday, July 20, 2009

Float And Be Stealthy

Check out this new drift boat from Mike Batcke and crew from Stealthcraft Boats! JD and Jeff Liskay went to Mike with a particular boat in mind- it needed to be as light as possible, hold 3 people, float high, be easy to haul around places without launch ramps, and be rugged enough to take river abuse. Stealthcraft was able to build the boat. Team Fishdog will now have a Super Sniper model to work with. At 13 feet long, this Super Sniper weighs in a little over 100 pounds. The hull is made of plascor laminate for extra strength with reduced weight. The bottom is coated with UHMW (ultra high molecular weight) plastic so it will slide easily over river rocks and up and down banks. Built in hand grips will be a big help. The interior has been left open to provide maximum versatility in adjusting to the passenger load. Just in time for prime time summer smallmouth and the start of Fall fishing!

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