Monday, April 20, 2009

Steelhead Winding Down, Almost

Steelhead season is slowly winding down on the Lake Erie tribs, but there are still good numbers of fish around. Dog friend Jeff Liskay and JD were able to get out for a few hours the other evening to check out a few rods on the Chagrin River. While using a new Scott A3 13 ft. 8-wt., JD got his best fish of the spring and a few others swinging a white & chartreuse Boa Minnow pattern tied on a Eumer Ballhead tube. The Boa Minnow can be tied in a multitude of colors, but baitfish and leech versions have been most productive. A Nautilus CCF 12 reel with a Scientific Anglers Supra Skagit line and Express 14 tip completed the outfit.

Boa Minnow

Tail- Arctic fox tail or marabou

Body- Boa yarn from craft store, also called Flapper yarn and Eyelash yarn, mix in some of your favorite flash (I love Krinkle Mirror Flash)

Head- Ice Dub or Palmer Chenille

If tied on a tube use a #4 Daiichi 1640 or 1650 for the hook. If tying on the hook use a Daiichi 1710 #4. This fly catches. fish!

Thanks Jeff for the photo!

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