Monday, March 9, 2009

New Creation

Dog friend and Patagonia Fishing Ambassador, Jeff Liskay, had the creative juices turned on at the Midwest Fly Fishing Expo. He tied an updated version of his Super Nuke tube fly while doing a demo with Eumer components. Here is the final version, rigged and ready to fish- we call it the Super Nuke with Meatball.


Body- Eumer Ballhead tube, orange or yellow. Tie on a dozen or so orange Crystal Flash and Mirror Flash fibers and pull back. Wrap orange Estaz. Wrap a few turns of orange saddle in front, then finish of with a few turns of yellow marabou just behind the ball.

Meatball- Orange Ice Dub in a loop and wrapped around size 4 Octopus-style hook.

To rig- Run leader tippet through the liner of the tube and the eye of the hook. Double the leader over at the hook eye and tie a Double Surgeon's Loop knot. The loop should be about an inch and a half long. Pull the Knot back into the junction tube and the meatball will be a free-swinging behind the body.

Add water, a few steelhead and hang on!

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