Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Pretty As A Picture

The colors of October are present in this beautiful specimen of a green sunfish caught in the Potomac River near Harper's Ferry, WV. JD and dog friend Bryan Kelly were rock hopping the shoreline after smallmouth when this colorful guy hit a surface bug. Bryan and Debbi Kelly operate The Angler's Inn B&B in Harper's Ferry. Bryan also guides on the Potomac and owns Kelly's White Fly Shop in Shepherdstown, WV.

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Anonymous said...

Pretty sure that's not a Greeny. Greenies have a strong yellow outline around the fins. They also have no blue in them. What I think you have is one of two fish. My first guess was a large pumpkinseed. Pumpkinseeds are a little rare in moving water, we mostly have Longears in moving water throughout the Great Lakes. What makes me think it is not a Pumpkinseed though is how large it is, they don't get very big. Also this fish has a large mouth like a Greeny or Warmouth. So my guesstimation is it is neither of any of these and parts of some of them. What I mean is that it is more than likely a hybrid. The large mouth and long body kind of gives it away. You are probably partly right though it more than likely has some Green sunfish in it. Breaders have now begun to use Greensunfish along with Bluegills to create a semi-sterile fish that will not overpopulate ponds. They grow fast and have very similar attributes to this fish. I have caught them before in a few ponds around home and they look very similar to that fish. They have the mouth of a Greeny and more closely resemble Blugill in colorization. The colors of a Pumpkinseed are cloes to it but I think it is a Hybrid.