Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Freedom Hawk 14


Jerry Darkes and the Fishdog sneak out for a couple hours fishing in the ultimate warm water fish hunting machine! Finally, a fishing kayak that is stable enough you can actually stand up in and fish. Check out the lean bar and outrigger type stabilizer pontoons on the back. They are easily deployed with handles that can be activated from a sitting position. For more info on the Freedom Hawk 14 click here.

Also, notice in the photo a couple other key warm water fishing accessories. Scott Fly Rod's 8' warm water rods (6, 8, and 10wt) make manuevering a fish to the boat easier. And Patagonia's Sunshade Shirt, PFD vest and paddling pants make fishing from a kayak especially comfortable and safe.

Muchos Gracias to D'Arcy Egan, www.outdoorsohio.com, for the photo!

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