Thursday, June 26, 2008

Friends of the Dog

We are proud and happy to blatantly promote and endorse the following on this continually growing, randomly organized list. If we forgot you for now, remind us, we are both getting old.

Feenstra Guide Service,
Capt. Brian Mezaros,
The Brew Kettle,
Lake County Metroparks,
Steve Madewell,
D'Arcy Egan,
Moldy Chum,
Ohio Central Basin Steelheaders,
Way Upstream,
Cleveland Metroparks,
Midwest Fly Fishing Magazine,
West River Publishing,
Wildcat Creek Outfitters,
Tube Flies,
Eastern Fly Fishing Magazine,
Schmidt Outfitters,
Mad River Outfitters,

1 comment:

El Pescador said...

Glad to see you've taken the plunge. I noticed that the Way Upstream link doesn't come with a heading like the others. Seems a bit hidden without it....but thanks for putting it in to begin with.